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Monday, March 29, 2010

What Do We Call The Tea-Baggers?

At one point, in their ignorant stupor, they proudly called themselves “teabaggers”. Then when the left continued to laugh at them for not recognizing the irony, they decided to change to “tea-partiers”* and that those calling them teabaggers were being gross and disgusting. Funny how that’s exactly the feeling of the left when the ‘baggers first called themselves teabaggers. Glen Beck is still gross and disgusting.
Recently, I was warned of being banned from commenting on a newspaper forum for using the term teabaggers. Seems my free speech isn’t as important as CorpAmerica. But it’s cool, there are so many names that can be used. Morans is one of my favorites but it’s so last year. I coined “gullibles” but it hasn’t caught on. I have seen “hatriotic’s” but I think I am going with one I first saw on DU, “Foxholes”.

* Of course the Foxholes don’t recognize that the original tea-partiers were rebelling against the tyrannical capitalism of the largest corporation in the world at the time, The East India Company. Idiots, er I mean Foxholes.

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