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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Government Insurance is OK for the Rich

Dick Cheney has had five heart attacks and he is still plugging along. Some say he made a pact with the devil but that’s a discussion for another day. But Dick Cheney gets excellent health care. Yes he does. Mr. Cheney is very wealthy and really doesn’t need insurance but he has great insurance. He has the government run insurance that all the republicans in Congress have. They love it while telling the gullibles among us that such insurance is SOCIALISTIC and will kill America and Democracy and Mickey Mouse. The gullibles haven’t figured out that the rich republicans are happy with their government run insurance but won’t allow the less fortunate among us the same opportunity.

We need Medicare because the for-profit insurance companies would never insure our elderly. Why cant we allow others that cant get insurance access to Medicare?

Dear gullibles: “It isn’t that they want you to die, they just don’t care if you live.”

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