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Monday, March 8, 2010

For-profit prisons, the new growth industry in America

A Tyler, Texas man gets 35 years in prison for possession of marijuana.


Interesting that Tyler, Texas is the home of a for-profit prison, T. Don Hutto. Hutto is famous for detaining suspected illegal immigrants for “processing” which seems to take an extraordinarily long time, making them bigger profits. Innocent children, many American citizens, are held there behind bars costing the taxpayers a bundle, more than housing them in a first class hotel.

The for-profit prison system is the newest growth industry in America. It’s a win-win for everyone. The investors, like Dick, son of Satan, Cheney, and the prison-corp CEO’s make millions from the prisons profits. And Nancy Grace is in hog heaven (really no pun intended) over the tough sentencing. “No sentence is too tough”, for Nancy.

The prison’s even have lobbyists that pay legislators money to pass harsh penalties. The tougher the sentences, the more profits. Everybody happy?

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