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Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Did the John Adams Mini-Series Get So Much Hype?

Why not Tom Jefferson, Ben Franklin, George Washington or Tom Paine?

Although Adams did fight hard for the independence of the United States from Britain, after he became president he supported a strong executive branch.

He badly wanted religion to play a larger role in government. I believe he fought with Tom Jefferson about this as well as many other issues. EDIT. After reading "Moral Minority", I retract this sentence. In later years Adams concluded that religion should be separate from government. He became a Unitarian.
He had his own version of the Patriot Act which was actually four acts:
The Naturalization Act, The Alien Act, The Alien Enemies Act, and the Sedition Act. Under the pretense that these acts would make America safer, they were actually brought about to suppress political opposition of the Democratic-Republicans.
He did not support the Bill of Rights (I need to check this).
And he was famous for trying to appoint 250 of his Federalist friends as judges and other government officers, between the time Tom Jefferson (voted to succeed him) was elected and inaugurated. This was know as the "Midnight Judges".

The above facts are as I remembered them from history class. Corrections are welcome.

Update: I have received some good input and am off to research further. Thanks.

I would love to see a mini series about Thomas Paine, arguably the father of the American Revolution.

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