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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are the republicans political geniuses or cutting their own throats?

Tell me if I got this right:

Within 6 months of the election, both Georgie bush and Sen McStrangelove said the economy was in good condition.

Within 1 month of the inauguration, bush’s stogie, Paulson, tells us the economy is in crisis and if we don’t give him 700 billion within days the country will collapse.

The republicans in Congress break their necks to give Paulson at least 350 of the 700 billion with absolutely no strings attached.

Paulson says the money will go to banks to “free up” credit.

In fact the money is used by the banks for various things like CEO salaries, acquiring other banks, and having elaborate parties, but NOT freeing up credit. Thanks to the republicans this money doesn’t have any effect on solving the economic crisis.

Then President Obama takes office and wants to build a true economic recovery package. The republicans obstruct at each and every turn. They say the Democrats plan won’t work, like they would know what would or wouldn’t work. They say they want to continue the tax breaks for the rich program that got us were we are today. It is their only song and they continue to sing it.

President Obama makes every effort to appease the republicans, reaching across the aisle, and apparently making a compromise.

Compromise or not, each and every republican in Congress but three, vote against the plan. They were careful not to stop the bill but now can say they opposed it. Shear political genius. The country may collapse but they look good.

We need use the strength we demonstrated in election President Barack Hussein Obama, and go after all of the republican Senators at their next elections.

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