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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is the Big Tent Democratic Party big enough for Colin Powell?

The moderate republiCons are watching their party disintegrate before their vary eyes as Rush, O’Reilly, Hannity and of course Cheney drive stakes thru the heart of the party. The wacko’s that run the party are even trying to kill the moderates like Gen Colin Powell and Sen Specter.

With the rank and file moderate republiCons abandoning the party what are the moderate leaders going to do? Maybe Sen Specter is showing the way. He is now a Democrat but has sworn to keep voting as a republiCon. He fits right in with the DLC and Red Dog Democrats that often support republiCon issues. They already pretty much control the Senate.

I think that if more big name moderate republiCons defect it would strengthen the DLC/corporate part of the party at the expense of the left. And most importantly the moderate republiCons switch would bring the big corporate money with them. The big corporations are ready to dump the wacko’s of the republiCon party and make friends with the moderate Democrats and ex-republiCons in the country.

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