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Friday, May 29, 2009

Health Insurance Simplified

As a compassionate people we pull together in times of need to help out our neighbors that might be less fortunate.

So if someone has an unexpected illness the rest of us pitch-in to help. One way is to wait until the problem occurs and then take up a collection. A more efficient method is to take up collections and have a fund set aside before the problems occur. We will call this fund insurance. There isn’t a lot of overhead required for this type of fund, the “government” handles it fine for about 3%. And, of course, the over-all goal of such a fund is to help people in need.

Now along comes Joe the businessman and says he can run the fund for us. This, for some strange reason, appeals to some that I call the gullibles. Joe of course has a lot of friends in the government because he gives generously to them. And they help him with laws and regulations that are friendly to him. Joe also has lots of money for propaganda and tells the public that his method is free enterprise and not government soocialismmmm. The gullibles buy this crap hook-line-and-sinker. But what the gullibles don’t see is that Joe’s goal is to make a profit and not help people. In fact, there is no limit on the amount of profit Joe would love to make from managing this fund. So instead of the 3% operating expense of the government, Joe’s operating costs come in around 35%. This means less coverage and higher premiums for the members. And don’t think Joe will be satisfied with a mere 35%.

Let the gullibles have their free-enterprise insurance if they want it, but let me have government run insurance.

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