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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why Do Republicans Hate Wolves?

The Seattle Time ran an article recently about how the loss of wolves (from trapping, poisoning, and shooting,etc) may be unraveling one of the most beautiful ecosystems in the US.

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"But the loss of the stealthy predators in the early 1900s left a hole in the landscape that scientists say they are just beginning to grasp. The ripples extend throughout what is now Olympic National Park, leading to a boom in elk populations, overbrowsing of shrubs and trees, and erosion so severe it has altered the very nature of the rivers, says a team of Oregon State University biologists. The result, they argue, is an environment that is less rich, less resilient, and — perhaps — in peril."

"We think this ecosystem is unraveling in the absence of wolves," said OSU ecologist William Ripple."

While some are just figuring Nature's balance out, the Alaskan republicans (aka Palin) still love the "sport" of slaughtering wolves by shooting them from helicopters. The deaths of the wolves is slow, painful, and horrible. And all to make it easier for rich republicans fly to Alaska to find and kill plenty of moose.

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