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Monday, January 12, 2009


Weatherboarding is torture. Duh. When the Nazi’s water boarded, WE called it torture. But Bush and Cheney say water boarding is not torture. The Bush administration, Gonzales, re-defined the word torture so George could say, “We don’t torture”. Right Georgie, we water board but don’t torture.

But even using the Bush/Gonzales new definition of torture we torture. Possibly as many as 100 people have died do to our "enhanced" interrogation techniques. That’s torture even per the Bush/Gonzales memo.

And now Susan J. Crawford the top Bush administration official overseeing the military trials of terrorist suspects held at the U.S. prison in Cuba told The Washington Post that the United States tortured a Saudi man in 2002. She said that even though the specific methods might not have been torture, the way they were used did amount to torture.

Sensory deprivation is not torture per Bush/Gonzales but it can cause insanity within 48 hours. Detainees have been sensory deprived for months by the Bush Admin. One American citizen was arrested and confined in a tiny cell without seeing daylight or other individuals for 22 months. He is now legally and medically insane. This is torture.

President Obama can not over look these crimes.


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