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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is the Republican Party Just a Distraction Now?

I have been sputtering incoherently for a number of posts on DU lately about who the real enemy is. How the moderate-right republiCons and their K street friends are sneaking into the Big D tent. Well, Sen Arlin Specter hardly snuck.

Christopher Hayes writes a good article about this in “Naming the Enemy” in the June 22, The Nation.

“While the Republican Party shrinks, corporate interests are deftly molting their old K Street Project skin and crawling en masse inside the big tent being pitched by the Democrats.” “the new strategy is to subvert legislation through co-optation, as in healthcare and cap and trade. …corporate lobbies are trying to have it both ways: to block reforms while changing overt power struggles over the future of the economy into seemingly cooperative negotiations.”

I see a number of problems with this:

It will be much harder to tell who the enemy is if everyone is wearing the same uniform.

Battles between progressives and the right will have to be fought in the primaries as in the cases like Lieberman and Lamont and between Sen Specter and Rep Joe Sestak. Who will Rahm Emanuel back and the DLC support?

And Democratic Underground will have to change it’s name to Underground.

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